Church Partnerships

Pointing to Hope for the burdened Psalm 130:5
We want to work with like-minded churches to see grace-filled, skillful care happen within the context of the local church.
Individual counseling fits this model as a concentrated focus during a particular season of life, while the church is the helpful community that cares over time.
We work to support the Body of Christ represented in local churches through partnerships with churches in which we demonstrate mutual support for each other.
We need financial support from donors and churches to help create this kind of congregational care ministry.
Feel free to reach out to us and discuss questions like below and others in regards to a church partnership with Cedar Cove.
  • How do we know who we are referring to?
  • What type of counseling are our members receiving?
  • How does Cedar Cove consider medical/clinical diagnosis?
  • How is the church involved in counseling at Cedar Cove?
  • What other ways can Cedar Cove help our church grow in congregational and community care?
  • How can the church help Cedar Cove provide more care?