Cedar Cove would not exist if not for the generosity of churches and donors like you.

As a non-profit we want to offer counseling services at below market cost and provide scholarships to those who cannot afford counseling.

We also want to be able to donate extra time to those asking for help (eg. Churches or families of our counselees) when it is helpful.

While we do charge for counseling, these fees only make up a portion of the actual cost.

CoveCare Team

Our counseling sessions cost $95 a session. We hope to see these rates drop as we grow. We seek to work with counselees in all financial situations. However, our counseling ministry also spends many unpaid hours in oversight, care, consultation for our counselors to prioritize growth and proper self-care.

According to Proverbs there is victory and deliverance when there are many counselors. That is one of the strengths of counselors working within Cedar Cove, is that we seek to help each other provide the absolute best counsel. If you would like to partner with us, our goal is to grow our CoveCare group to 95 donors on our monthly giving team. Here are some of the services your donations help provide:

  • Oversight of Counselor’s Sessions
  • Future Training
  • Continued Education for Counselors
  • Counselor Care
  • Group Consultation time for our Counselors to learn with and from each other
  • Internships and training new counselors.
  • Cedar Cove Care Groups for people struggling with similar sufferings
  • Offsetting Cost of Care for new Counselees